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Best LED Showcase Lighting For Jewelry

The BEST showcase lighting for jewelry is sun balanced using both warm and cool spectrum.

Interior LED showcase lighting is an inexpensive way to have an incredible looking jewelry display. These lights are especially good for items that need to sparkle, shine and have breathtaking colors that pop. Combining both interior showcase lighting and exterior display lighting is your very best option. The exterior overhead lighting will make your booth come alive and be visible from a distance. The interior showcase display lights will make your showcases stop customers in their tracks with their brilliance.

Best LED showcase lighting for jewelry
Breathtaking showcase lighting for jewelry displays

About Show Off Lighting Showcase Lighting Kits

Show Off Lighting LED showcase lighting kits come in various lengths and kit sizes. The lengths are 11", 18", 22", 28" or 39.5". The kits come in single, dual or triple sizes with everything you need to quickly install your jewelry showcase lighting. Each of our showcase lights have TWO ROWS of lights so one row is warm spectrum and the other row is cool spectrum giving you an amazing, sun balanced jewelry showcase. There are two ways to mount Show Off Lighting LED showcase lighting with either the suction cup mounts or the permanent metal clips.

Jewelry Showcase Lighting by Show Off Lighting
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