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LED tradeshow lighting for trade show displays

Endless Applications for Show Off Lighting

  • Trade show booth lighting & convention booth lighting

  • Showcase display lighting 

  • Trade show lights, craft show lighting, trade show tent lighting, jewelry display lighting & more

  • Jewelry, mineral & specimen exhibition LED lighting

  • Use with a deep cycle battery & invertor for outdoor craft show tent lights

  • Overhead lighting, showcase lights, Arizona Case lights, tent lights, table clamp lights and accent lighting to draw more customers to your booth

LED  Tradeshow Lighting for the Mineral Dealer Booth and More. LED Display Lighting for Trade Show Table Lighting.

Why Use Show Off Lighting

  • Sets up in minutes & saves 50% or more on power consumption

  • Many of our customers said they have a 30% increase in sales with Show Off lighting

  • Durable, aluminum construction, low heat with interchaneable GU10 bulbs 

  • Low heat, integrated power cords, easy transport and easy storage 

  • High power, accurate sun balanced LED lighting and portable 

  • Pin locking system allows light bar to break down to half its length

Trade show booth lighting for Tucson Gem Shows



WE HAVE MOVED over to the Tucson 22ND St. Show from the Tucson Gem & Mineral show. TGMS may be the longest running Gem & Mineral show in Tucson but the 22ND St. Show is the most progressive & BEST Tucson gem & mineral show. Please visit and to learn more. The 22ND St. Show offers everything from entire dinosaurs to fine gemstones and jewelry. Purchase Show Off Lighting at the 22ND St. Show in booth C-6.

Having visited thousands of trade shows & conventions over the years, lighting has always been the most critical struggle for every vendor. We see many displays with millions of dollars worth of merchandise presented in the worst possible lighting conditions. The finest jewelry display shown under household track lighting is a very common sight. Some trade show lights create so much heat you can hardly approach the booth. Sagging, heavy, unnatural looking lights that take over an hour to setup are pervasive in this industry.


The design for this patent pending, LED based lighting system was born from our own quest to obtain bright, sun balanced LED lighting at our trade show booth that was quick to setup, lightweight, durable & easy to transport. Working with a design team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, CAD designers and our vision, we developed realistic, accurately color balanced, high lumens, eco conscience illumination for a wide variety of uses. Show Off Lighting is taking over the industry and it's easy to see why!!


LED tradeshow lighting. LED trade show lighting that is perfect for jewelry display lighting and bead table lighting.
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