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Trade Show Booth Lighting

SHOW OFF LIGHTING LED trade show booth lighting is both portable and powerful while rendering bright, natural sun balanced, professional looking lighting. Trade show promoters and trade show vendors absolutely love our bright, beautiful, easy to setup trade show booth lighting. The genesis for SHOW OFF LIGHTING may have come from the trade show venue but the applications for these patent pending affordable lighting fixtures are endless. It does not matter if you are seeking to modernize your trade show lighting, craft show lighting, lighting for jewelry display,  trade show tent lighting or craft show tent lighting, we have a lighting solution for you. Replace your old track lighting especially the heat generating halogen or metal halide. Improve the appearance of your display and trade show booth with this best selling, 21st century lighting system.

SHOW OFF LIGHTING is a unique solution to an age old problem in the jewelry, art, craft and trade show business. Ditch the sagging, old track lighting held together with zip ties! Discover a clean, sleek, professional booth lighting look! Assembles quickly, easily and conveniently! 


Bright LED trade show booth lighting
Pipe & drape trade show booth lights
LED trade show booth lighting
Beautiful trade show booth lighting
Best selling trade show booth lighting


With only a few seconds to capture the attention of a customer you better make it count. The best way to become the focus of their attention in a room full of competitors is your trade show booth lighting. You literally have to outshine the competition. The right trade show booth lighting can be seen from across the room, they make your displays look their best and they can help to increase your sales by drawing people to your booth. Show Off Lighting is making a huge difference for our customers. Please make sure you read our "TESTIMONIALS" page. 

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