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ONE OF THESE innovative COB LED pipe & drape booth lights replaces 6ft worth of the traditional track lighting used for pipe & drape booth displays. Show Off Lighting has the best pipe & drape LED lighting for jewelry on the market. Quick, adjustable (1/2" to 2" diameter), aluminum clamp design with standard 3 prong power cords that allow one cable to attach up to (6) lights on a single cord. The 60w COB LED is equal to a 500w halogen with better light quality. The average pipe & drape booth will need one of these lights every 6ft in your booth. A typical 20ft booth would use (5) of these. Available in 60w or 90w COB LED.

 Your diamonds will sparkle and your colors will be bright and vivid. This LED pipe & drape lighting looks amazing in trade show tents & craft show tents too.


Best pipe & drape LED lighting for jewelry.
Amazing pipe & drape trade show tent lighting
Pipe & drape LED lighting for jewelry & trade show lighting.
Craft show tent lighting, trade show lighting, LED lighting for jewelry
BEST LED Pipe & Drape Lighting
The BEST pipe & drape jewelry display lights


Technical Specifications For Pipe & Drape Track Light Replacement:

  • 60w or 90w LED COB bulb with almost VERY LOW HEAT Generation, fan cooled

  • BRIGHT 7200 Lumens, Natural White Light 4000K, 87 CRI for vibrant natural colors

  • All CNC milled, lightweight aluminum construction and No external transformer

  • Rock solid stability, 60 beam angle and Setup in 1 minute or less

  • Over engineered for durability with Adjustable clamp from 1/2" to 2" in diameter

  • Power requirements = 90-260VAC and Maximum temperature = 112F

  • Indoor or covered tent use only

  • Las Vegas approved

Our LED pipe & drape lighting is priced competitively and we are ready to help you make your trade show booth look amazing. Please feel free to email us  at or connect to our "CHAT" link at the bottom of every page. We encourage you to watch the quick setup video provided on this page so you can see for yourself how easy our pipe & drape lighting is to use. Make your life on the trade show circuit a breeze with Show Off Lighting LED pipe & drape lighting.

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