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Tips & tricks for GREAT craft show lighting

Great craft show lighting that is quick to setup and bright

Updating your craft show lighting will make the biggest impact in your craft show booth. The right type of craft show lighting can draw customers to your booth, increase visibility and help to increase your sales!! But how do you go about finding out which craft show lighting is right for your craft display? This information is designed to help you find the answer.

Craft show lighting ideas for craft show tents

If your craft show booth or craft show tent has power available then this gives you many choices. If your craft show tent does not have power you still have more choices than you realize. With power available you can use clamp lights that attach to your tent frame, free standing tripod lights and table display lights. Using a combination of these lights will create the best craft show lighting for your craft show displays. 


If you do not have power then a great solution is a portable power option such as a inverter generator. A good choice is sold right at Walmart and it is 2000w. This means you can run up to 200w of craft show lighting for 9 or 10 hours in your craft show tents. Another way to look at it is you can run up to 400w of craft show lighting for 5 hours. A great craft show lighting idea is to check out Show Off Lighting because these are innovative LED lights and almost all of them will run on a inverter generator.

Craft show lighting tips

Creating an inviting craft show booth that draws a crowd

You want to create ambiance in your craft show booth that is alluring and inviting. Lighting is an easy and very smart way to achieve this goal. Harsh white lights that are too cool will wash out your colors. You want to look for craft show lighting that is sun balanced using both a warm and cool color temperature. LED lighting is the best choice because it produces high quality lighting, is very energy efficient and is low heat. Most of the energy an LED bulb expends is to produce high quality light with only a little bit of energy used to produce heat. With Halogen and Metal Halide the light is poor quality because most of their energy is spent producing heat with only a little bit of energy left to produce light. Give your customers a pleasant shopping experience with beautiful LED lighting that highlights your art and won't create excessive heat in your craft show booth.


 You will want craft show lighting that is easy to setup and take down. Keep in mind that your craft show lighting should be lightweight and easy to store. Show Off Lighting is all of these things and more so if you want the very best craft show lighting out there click on the VISIT STORE icon to visit out store. What are your waiting for?

Show Off Lighting brochure for craft show lighting
Craft show lighting brochure by Show Off Lighting
 Beautiful LED craft show lighting to illuminate your craft show display
Best LED craft show tent lighting
AMAZING LED craft show lights
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