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 Show Off Lighting Reviews & Testimonials

TGMS show jewelry display using Show Off Lighting LED light strips for their trade show displays.

The Charles Cecil Collection trade show booth using Show Off Lighting LED trade show lighting for their trade show displays at TGMS. They said ONE SHOW paid for their lights. They display both indoor convention centers and in outdoor tents. Since Show Off Lighting works with a battery and inverter they were able to keep their outdoor trade show tent open after sunset resulting in several thousands of dollars in additional sales.

Trade show displays at Marty Zinn Tucson show using Show Off Lighting LED lighting for their display case. Gem & Mineral show using LED light bar by Show Off Lighting.

John Garsow Minerals said "I noticed my sales increased using Show Off Lighting."

Jewelry display booth at TGMS Tucson Gem & Mineral show using Show Off Lighting. TGMS trade show lighting by Show Off Lighting.

Stardust said that Show Off Lighting was a game changer for their trade show display. These LED trade show lights are so quick easy to use. 

Craft show booth lighting. Art show booth lighting. Trade show booth lighting. Show off Lighting at TGMS show. LED trade show booth lighting.

S & S Jewelry said their booth stands out like a beacon now with their new LED trade show lights by Show Off Lighting.

AGTA, JCK, GJX, TGMS LED trade show lights by Show Off Lighting.

Montanta Gem told us how easy to use & beautiful Show Off Lighting is.

Tucson Todd's Gems is loving our lights. Todd told us that our lights have made his gemstones look amazing.

Trade show light rentals by Show Off Lighting. Jewelry display case lights for Arizona case.

Energy Gems let us know that like so many others their sales have increased with Show Off Lighting.

Vance Gems said that their booth never looked so good as with Show Off Lighting.

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show using Show Off Lighting LED trade show booth lighting. Tucson Gem & Mineral Show light rentals by Show Off Lighting.

Pamela's Jewelry has an 80ft booth at the TGMS - Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. They said our lighting saved them hours of setup time.

Art show booth lights. Craft show booth lights. Trade show booth lights for trade show displays by Show Off Lighting.

PAK Designs can say from experience that these are the best LED trade show lights on the market today!!

TGMS, AGTA, JCK, GJX jewelry show lights. LED trade show lights by Show Off Lighting.

MaeMae Jewelry said "I love, love, love these lights. Show off lighting is epic!!!"

Falkora Jewelry said they now have the best display lights at the shows with Show Off Lighting.

Arizona case lights. Trade show light rentals. Arizona case rentals are perfect for Show Off Lighting.

Philip Benedict said Show Off Lighting made the best trade show lights with the latest technology. He recommends our trade show lights to everyone!!

Craft shows, art shows and trade show displays LED track lighing. JCK, GJX, AGTA trade show lights.

Eileen Kirkwood Jewelry sent in this picture to let us know how happy she is with Show Off Lighting.

LED trade show lighting for trade show displays by Show Off Lighting BUY IT NOW
New Era Gems using Show Off Lighting at a Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.


Bill with Rare Earth Mining: Brightest and most beautiful lighting I have ever seen. We used these at the Tucson AGTA show and the Tucson 22nd st show and had great results. We would never think of setting up at any show now without using Show Off Lighting.


Arnold Duke with Intergem: Not only as a show promoter do I recommend Show Off Lighting but we actually use Show Off Lighting in our booth. The pipe and drape lights work very well in our booth and setup in no time.  Great people, great company and great product! When I recommend trade show lighting, I recommend Show Off Lighting.


Ellen with Nutmeg Estate: I had the BEST trade show of my ENTIRE CAREER when I setup Show Off Lighting in my booth. Each show just keeps getting better and better and we know it’s because of Show Off Lighting. Our booth is so well lit now and our inventory looks so much better with these lights that we will never use anything else but Show Off Lighting. We tell everyone about you guys and your fabulous lights!


Fernando with Barrios Amethysts: Our trade show tent was so well lit with Show Off Lighting and using them is a breeze. Thank you for making lighting so versatile we can hang it almost anywhere in our tent. We hang them from our tent frame and they work really well. You guys have the best lighting on the market and that is what we tell everyone. 


Christianos Opals: We used these at the GJX in Tucson this year and they are great!! Easy to use and very bright. Thanks so much.

Tim with Shell Bell Designs: We told 5 other vendors about Show Off Lighting because these things are the best lights on the planet.  It took no time at all and our booth was lit up like the sun. So glad there are no transformers. 

Marlon with Lifestones Gems & Minerals: I purchased one of your 90w LED adjustable head lights for my booth to begin with. I was so impressed that I purchased THREE more and I am so glad I did. I put the first light up in an area of my booth that was not getting much attention. The very next day a customer purchased  the ENTIRE TABLE of minerals.  I know it was because of your lights!! I tell everyone now at every show about Show Off Lighting and what an unbelievable difference it has made in the appearance of my booth and in my sales.

Taomi with Mine C from Brazil: Bought one of your 90w adjustable lights from Show Off Lighting at the Denver show. When we saw you guys at the Tucson 22nd St Show we bought more of these because they are the best lights we have ever seen or used. We suggest these lights to fellow vendors all the time and are happy to do it. We have tried many other types of lighting but nothing compares to Show Off Lighting. Our booth has never gotten so much attention.

David with Anne recommended your lights to me when we were at the NY/NJ show. I now have FIVE. That swiveling head is the greatest thing ever. Tremendous design and fabrication. Highly suggest Show Off Lighting.

Missy with EONS EXPOS: Being a show promoter we see many different types of trade show booth lighting in our vendor’s booths. We have banned the use of trade show booth lights that produce high heat like halogen and metal halide. We are so impressed with Show Off Lighting because they are bright, low heat LED and they save dramatically on electrical use. In fact we are so sold on Show Off Lighting that we offer Show Off Lighting rentals at all our trade shows. We highly recommend your lighting to all of our vendors!

Brian with Universal Rock Shop: These tripod lights are so powerful and our trade show tent is so much brighter with Show Off Lighting. Any vendor would be very hard pressed to find a more powerful light than this tripod light. We have a large tent and your lights were exactly what we needed. Telling everyone about Show Off Lighting now because of the difference you have made for us.


Jared with Catalina Blue: We do shows out west and we almost always setup in a tent where lighting can be a real problem.  I wanted to let you know one of the best things that we have ever done was buy these tripod lights for our tent. They light up our tent like never before and everything looks like it is sitting in sunlight now.  We are insanely happy with Show Off Lighting.  The other dealer tents look dim compared to ours and that is very obvious. We have handed out your brochures everywhere we go. 


Murray Donovan: Light blew me away for the output. This stand can really extend. I didn’t really need the double light but two is always better than one in case I ever need it for something. I use this for gem shows and wow I just set it up here in the house and it was so bright I was wide awake well past bedtime feeling like it was earlier out than usual. Light doesn’t get hot because it has a built in vented fan. Tripod has nice wide legs for good stability. It’s easy to set up. It looks like something good for lighting paths for outdoor shows or for painting with bright lights or photography without flash as well. I just use it for the gems and it does an over adequate job. Everything looks even more fabulous!


Bill with Vance Gems: These LED light bars work perfect for us and they are so easy to setup. We do a different show almost every weekend so we need something that is durable, puts out a lot of light and will setup in a hurry. Show Off Lighting does all of those things. We notice your lights everywhere we go and now understand why. We are very, very pleased with your lights and we tell other vendors about you all the time. 

Evan with Soul Currents: I am huge fan of Show Off Lighting! In our trade show booth we have several of your 60w LED pop up lights and they have cut our setup time down to a matter of minutes. Can’t thank you enough for saving us so much time and making our booth look so good. We highly recommend Show Off Lighting and are so glad someone finally manufactured lighting that solves every problem for us.


Max Cloutier from Canada: Show lamps received fast. Well packaged. THIS is quality, very far from the cheap Chinese material only available these years. This is the right way to make America great again ! Max from Canada.


​Georgios Greek Jewelry: No question we had the brightest booth at the show we just did and it showed in our sales. Thanks!

Anela’s Jade: Thank you for the fast shipping and great service. We are going to recommend your lighting to everyone.


Scott Sucher with Scott the Stone Cutter: I met you folks at the Tucson 22nd St Show last year and got one of your 60w LED pop up lights.  This year, we visited you again at your booth in the Tucson 22nd St Show and discussed more about your lighting solutions. After the conversation you donated a LED interior showcase strip light for advertisement at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the Convention Center.  Wow!  I have a famous diamond replica I call the Potato Chip as it is 3.8 mm deep but 42 mm across.  Even this stone showed brilliance!  My entire collection just sparkled like I’ve never seen it before.  We talked up your lighting system to anyone that stopped by as the results spoke for themselves.  Passed out many of your brochures.  You certainly have a convert!


Mary Van Der Aa Jewelry: Show Off Lighting LED in case light strips are totally amazing!! Used them in my display cases and my mind was blown at the difference your lights made. I use Arizona Case display cases and your 28" lights fit inside perfectly! The first thing I noticed was how bright and lively my jewelry looked. The second thing I noticed was the sparkle factor was off the charts. The third and most important thing I noticed was that my sales were increasing once I implemented your lighting. I will be shouting from the rooftops about Show Off Lighting. Great job!!


Maurizio Casazza purchased some of our LED Pop Up table display lights in Tucson this year. Returning from his show he called us to order more lights because Show Off Lighting made such a difference in his booth. He said the high quality of the lights, their brightness & color rendering made many other dealers at his show want to purchase Show Off Lighting as well.


Maxine at Cannon's Estate & Consignment said that Show Off Lighting produced natural bright light that flooded her vendor display to make it look incredible.


Sebastian's Jewelry in North Carolina just keeps ordering more lights!!


Coast to Coast Inc. has tried many types of trade show lights over the years but nothing like Show Off Lighting. Our lights have been far and away his favorite. Coast to Coast has recommened many vendors to Show Off Lighting which we are very grateful for.


Couleurs Jewelry & Gemstones has a jewelry store in Virginia. Show Off LIghting is installed above their jewelry display cases in their store. They came to one of our shows in Virginia to let us know it looks amazing.


Emerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina purchased many of the Show Off Lighting LED light bars. They have them everywhere from the offices, the gift shop and even above their outside sluice operations.


Klaus Fine Estate Jewelry in Florida does almost a show every weekend. They do not have time or space to deal with large, heavy trade show lights that take over an hour to setup and breakdown. That is the biggest reason Show Off Lighting LED trade show lights works for them. They said they are more than happy.


The testimonials and the pictures sent in by our customers go on and on. We would love for you to be one of our happy LED trade show lighting customers so please feel free to contact us. When you use Show Off Lighting you save enormous amounts of time on setup and packup. You also can use Show Off Lighting for your expo exhibition with confidence knowing that they are Las Vegas approved lights. Many shows are banning halogen based trade show lights due to their immense heat & they pull so much power they trip breakers. Show Off Lighting provides affordable, durable, long lasting trade show lights that are upgradeable for future LED bulb technology. Attract more customers with professional LED trade show lights by Show Off Lighting and increase your sales. What are you waiting for?

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