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Being in the trade show business for over 20 years the most common problem that we hear about is trade show lighting. Everyone has suffered through trade show lighting that was too hot, took an hour or more to setup, required excessive power to the point of black outs in the booth and lighting that used ugly transformers with a mountain of wires. Show Off Lighting solves all of these problems and more. Our brilliant LED trade show lighting set up only takes minutes so your booth will look radiant in no time. Our high quality LED trade show lighting is made with durable, lightweight aluminum so they are very easy to transport and store . So many of our clients have expressed excitement because they have experienced a 30% or more increase in their sales. 

We offer LED trade show lighting for almost every trade show booth.  Show Off Lighting LED trade show lights will make your trade show booth display look professional, attractive and most of all captivating. Illuminate your trade show booth in bright, sun balanced LED lighting will help your booth stand out. Designed for jewelry displays and bead tables, gun and coin shows, arts and craft shows or trade show tents.  Show Off Lighting offers something for everyone and it will be a game changer for your booth and your sales.

Beautiful LED trade show lighting
Powerful trade show lighting
Quick setup LED trade show lighting
LED trade show lighting clamp lights that quickly attach to almost anything.


Show Off Lighting is an American company located in North Carolina. Our trade show lighting has every attention paid to detail. The spectrum of the lighting is of critical importance and we got it right with a realistic, sun balanced spectrum. This spectrum is incredible for color so your colors are vibrant, sparkling and lively. Color rendering is breathtaking with Show Off Lighting. We use state of the art LED bulbs that are low heat and energy efficient. 90% of their energy is spent producing gorgeous quality light and only 10% of their energy is spent making heat. Our competitors favor hot metal halide or halogen bulbs that spend 70% of their energy making heat and only 30% is left to produce light. 

We use lightweight aluminum construction that is sturdy and made for life on the busy trade show circuits. We do not use external transformers and the COB LED bulbs are self cooling with the built in fans. Most of our competitors like the Eastern Lighting Totalite use external transformers. We offer many choices of LED trade show lighting because one specific light is not right for every booth. Each booth, display and venue is different so we have you covered. 

Show Off Lighting is priced better than our competitors and hands down we have the best LED trade show lighting on the market today. Countless numbers of our customers contact us to tell us about how their sales have increased since using Show Off Lighting.  Please watch the testimonial videos throughout the site and read our "TESTIMONIAL" page.

Trade show lighting that sets up in minutes. Trade show lighting for every trade show booth. Trade show lighting using high power, high quality, professional looking LED light fixtures by Show Off Lighting.
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